Threaded Pipe Fittings

Threaded pipe fittings are produced by tapping inside or outside threads onto the parts after forming. Threaded pipe fittings are connected to the pipe ends which have threads and they are commonly used for small-bore pipelines like water, oil, gas and low-pressure steam pipeline. Threaded fittings feature easy installation and allow for frequent dismounting.

NFF can provide various forged thread pipe fittings, including threaded elbows, threaded tees, threaded crosses, threaded pipe plugs, threaded joint fittings, etc. These forged thread pipe fittings are heated, forged and machined from steel bars or ingots to achieve high precision of thread size and fittings shape.

    1. Threaded Pipe Fittings ElbowThreaded Pipe Fittings Elbow
    2. NFF provides threaded pipe fittings elbows with a variety of shapes and sizes, which are mainly used for direction change in piping systems.
    1. Threaded Pipe TeeThreaded Pipe Tee
    2. NFF can offer threaded pipe tees with different shapes and sizes, including threaded reducing tee, threaded equal tee, threaded male tee...
    1. Threaded Pipe CrossThreaded Pipe Cross
    2. NFF is capable of offering thread pipe crosses of different shapes and sizes. The threaded pipe crosses are used for making multiple branches ...
    1. Threaded Fittings Pipe PlugThreaded Fittings Pipe Plug
    2. NFF provides threaded fittings pipe plugs for sealing the ends of small-diameter pipes. Different shapes are available, including round head...
    1. Threaded Joint FittingsThreaded Joint Fittings
    2. NFF is able to offer forged threaded joint fittings of different dimensions and shapes, like hex threaded pipe joint, threaded pipe union...
    1. Threaded Fittings Pipe CouplingThreaded Fittings Pipe Coupling
    2. Forged threaded fittings pipe couplings are available with a variety of sizes and shapes, including threaded full couplings and threaded half couplings.
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