Socket Weld Pipe Fittings

Socket weld (SW) pipe fittings have plain spigot ends, allowing for being directly inserted into a recessed area of pipes or flanges to make a tight connection. Socket welded joint construction provides benefits of zero leakage and high structural strength. Compared to butt weld fittings, socket weld fittings feature more compact design, which makes them mainly be used for small pipe diameters, generally for piping whose nominal diameter is NPS 2 or smaller.

NFF can provide you with a wide selection of SW pipe fittings in various shapes and sizes, including socket weld fitting elbows, socket weld crosses, socket weld tees, socket weld end caps, socket weld pipe couplings, socket weld pipe unions, etc. Steel bars or ingots are heated, forged and then machined by CNC lathes to make socket weld pipe fittings with precise size and high strength, enabling to satisfy your demanding piping application requirements.

    1. Socket Weld Fitting ElbowsSocket Weld Fitting Elbows
    2. NFF provides forged socket weld fitting elbows for 90° or 45° changes of direction in the run of small-bore piping.
    1. Socket Weld TeeSocket Weld Tee
    2. Forged socket weld tees can make a branch off from the main run of pipe. Socket weld fittings tees are mainly used for small-bore pipes.
    1. Socket Weld CrossSocket Weld Cross
    2. NFF offers forged socket weld crosses, used for making multiple 90° branches from the main run of small-diameter pipe.
    1. Socket Weld End CapSocket Weld End Cap
    2. NFF manufactures forged socket weld end caps for sealing the end of small-bore pipe to stop the flow, delivering robust connection...
    1. Socket Weld Pipe CouplingSocket Weld Pipe Coupling
    2. NFF provides forged socket weld pipe couplings for joining two pipes. Socket weld full couplings, socket weld half couplings ...
    1. Socket Weld Pipe UnionSocket Weld Pipe Union
    2. NFF is able to offer superior socket weld pipe unions which are widely used in connecting small-bore pipes and deliver excellent ...
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